Malobe Natural Hair Salon

Salon Policies


Salon Policies

Malobe Salon accepts credit cards and cash payment. Signing for a transaction electronically authorizes client consent to transaction. Please note that there is a separate fee added to your salon total to cover credit card processing (applied automatically by the credit card processing company).

Cancellation requires 24 hours notice. Clients cancelling in less than 24 hours incur at $15 late cancel fee.

Please arrive on time. Clients arriving 30 or more minutes late incur an additional $10 late fee.

Consultations are free and by appointment only. ALL NEW CLIENTS must receive a consultation before scheduling their first hair care appointment. The consultation is a 5-10 minute conversation with your stylist to determine your hair care needs, desired results, length of time for service and pricing. Quotes of services are based on client’s hair texture and length. Quotes are based on an hourly estimate. Extra fees may apply if service or major alterations are required at the time of service or if the client requests add-on services not included in the consultation estimate.

Preparing For Your Consultation: Please arrive at your consultation with your hair in its natural state. If you have hair loss or hair damage that is the result of braids, twists or weaves, your stylist must be able to see this to provide an accurate estimate of time and expense.

Preparing for your Appointment: Please remove braids, extensions, twists, or loc styling before your appointment. If your stylist has to remove braids and extensions without prior notice, this will incur additional time and charges. It may also result in the need to reschedule your appointment.

Please familiarize yourself with pricing guidelines and policies prior to your appointment. Additional services that are requested at the time of the appointment (but not discussed in the consultation) will incur additional time and charges.